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Collegiate Church Carillon

It happens more and more frequently that people in Kaiserslautern’s center suddenly stop and look up.  The pleasant sound that they are searching for is coming from the small tower of the Collegiate Church.  At this moment the carillon is playing.  The carillon has been in use since February, 2009, though it’s not yet accessible to the public.  Seven times a day the 48 bells automatically ring.  Of course, the carillon can also be played by hand, and this always occurs on special days.

Dürkheim Sausage Market

The largest wine festival in the world. Every year in september.

Hiking tip – Palatinate maar lakes

Hardly any natural lakes, but instead nearly 1000 maar lakes – the other facet of the Palatinate forest.

Trippstadt - Karlstal

The pearl in the Palatinate forest. The nature protection area is worth a visit any time of the year.

Mushrooms in the Palatinate Forest

When it’s fall, they come in droves, and almost all of them will make a find: the mushroom hunters.









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