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Memorial Church – History in Glass

A church as a picture book.  Stories from the Old and New Testaments, and especially from the history of the Reformation.  Thirty-six windows, some of which are enormous.  All are originals and survived World War II without any damage.  The glass pictures, like in many Gothic cathedrals, are basic components of the building.  And even when the sky is overcast, their colors are illuminated in full splendor.

Palatinate Museum for Natural History

The plant and animal world of the Palatinate: smelling herbs, touching animal fur and marveling at the exhibits.

Dürkheim Sausage Market

The largest wine festival in the world. Every year in september.

The Salians. Power in Transition

Exhibition in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate from April 10th until October 30th, 2011. With globally-acclaimed originals.

Mining-hiking paths Imsbach

In the middle of the Imsbach mining adventure world. Mine tours, hikes and a museum.

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