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Memorial Church of the Protestation

The Building Association of the Memorial Church of Speyer did it!  In April 2009, after 11 years of construction, the celebrations for the completely restored church took place.  11.5 million euros in 11 years—it was a mammoth project.  Also because the filigree architectural design of the Church necessitated extraordinary restoration measures.  Now it is once again a gem.  And it is the main church of the Evangelical Church of the Palatinate.

European farmers’ market Kusel

The traditional farmers’ market takes place every year in a different place in the Kusel district.

Wildlife and Migratory Park Silz

Experiencing wolves, stags and wisents up close in their natural habitat.

Holiday Park

One of the leading amusement parks in Europe

Young Museum of Speyer

The Historical Museum of the Palatinate for Children and Youth. The current exhibition: “Witches. Toad slime and spider leg”

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