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The Sickingen Town of Landstuhl

Landstuhl is located on the edge of the Palatinate Forest. The charm of the town is created by the mix of traditional and modern, since the buildings of the noble class still form the townscape today.  Most of all the symbol of the town:  the Nanstein Castle, seat of the famous knight Franz von Sickingen.  The castle is also the setting for the Palatinate Regional Theater.  Landstuhl is also known for its US-military hospital, the largest outside of the USA. The location of the city offers diverse free time opportunities.  There are wonderful hiking paths, but a visit to the outdoor water park is also worthwhile.

Tourism Office of the City of Landstuhl, Tel:  06371/495 311


Mushrooms in the Palatinate Forest

When it’s fall, they come in droves, and almost all of them will make a find: the mushroom hunters.

Trippstadt - Ironsmith Museum

In the 18 and 19 centuries, Trippstadt was molded by the iron industry. The museum is a reminder of that.

Vacation community Trippstadt

An ideal vacation spot in the middle of the Palatinate forest. Rest, relaxation, quiet: guaranteed in the sanatorium.

Hotel "Rosenhof" Ramstein

The Hotel “Rosenhof” lies easily accessible on the highway exchange Landstuhl in the center of the Palatinate.








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