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Collegiate Church Carillon

It happens more and more frequently that people in Kaiserslautern’s center suddenly stop and look up.  The pleasant sound that they are searching for is coming from the small tower of the Collegiate Church.  At this moment the carillon is playing.  The carillon has been in use since February, 2009, though it’s not yet accessible to the public.  Seven times a day the 48 bells automatically ring.  Of course, the carillon can also be played by hand, and this always occurs on special days.

Historical Museum of the Palatinate - KUR Project

The splendid garments from the graves of the Speyer Empire are being restored.

Collegiate Church of Kaiserslautern

The Collegiate Church lies in the center of Kaiserslautern. And no one less than Emperor Barbarossa gave the signal to start building it.

Collegiate Church Carillon

Kaiserslautern’s new attraction, which you can’t yet see, but instead can hear quite well.

Historical Museum of the Palatinate - Speyer

The treasure chambers of the Palatinate – from the Romans to the Modern Age.







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