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District of Kaiserslautern

The District of Kaiserslautern surrounds the city of Kaiserslautern, and offers a high quality of life. Interesting jobs, many family-friendly facilities and almost unlimited nature. The north borders on the Palatinate highland, the south belongs to the Palatinate forest.



Cabins in the Palatinate Forest

Hiking, eating, drinking and relaxing: that’s the unique feature of 45 hiking cabins in the Palatinate Forest.

Destination Kaiserslautern

Only a stone’s throw to the middle of nature: the surroundings of Kaiserslautern are pure quality of life.

Dürkheim Sausage Market

The largest wine festival in the world. Every year in september.

Hiking in the Palatinate

Thick forests, deep valleys, great views: the Palatinate Forest is a unique hiking paradise









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