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Palatinate Forest

The Nature Park "Palatinate Forest" with 179,000 hectares is one of the largest nature parks in Germany. In 1992 the Forest was recognized by UNESCO as the twelfth German biosphere reserve.  Since 1998 it belongs to the border-spanning German-French biosphere reserve Palatinate Forest/Nordvogesen.  The Palatinate Forest offers extraordinarily good hiking possibilities, in part at a more than 300 meter elevation difference for ambitious hikers.

The Palatinate Way of St. James – Southern Route

Rhine wetlands, vineyards, castles, forest and cliffs: everything that the Palatinate offers.

Cabins in the Palatinate Forest

Hiking, eating, drinking and relaxing: that’s the unique feature of 45 hiking cabins in the Palatinate Forest.

Wildlife and Migratory Park Silz

Experiencing wolves, stags and wisents up close in their natural habitat.

Wolves in the Palatinate

The best time to see the wolves is mornings at 11. The shy animals are especially active during feeding time.

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