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Palatinate Highland

The Palatinate Highland consists of the Donnersberg district and the Kusel district.  Numerous hills and valleys alternate;  the highest point is the Donnersberg at 687 meters;  this is the highest elevation of the Palatinate. The Palatinate Highland offers many tourist attractions, especially the Lichtenberg castle, the bicycle-handcar and the Donnersberg with its visitor mines.

Bicycle handcar Altenglan-Staudernheim

The route through the Glan valley is 40 kilometers long. It is well-suited for families.

Trippstadt - Ironsmith Museum

In the 18 and 19 centuries, Trippstadt was molded by the iron industry. The museum is a reminder of that.

Collegiate Church of Kaiserslautern

The Collegiate Church lies in the center of Kaiserslautern. And no one less than Emperor Barbarossa gave the signal to start building it.

Hiking tip – Römerfels

The Römerfels near Dahn is quickly reached, not very high, with great views.

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