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Lichtenberg Castle - Herb Market

“And I cover it with wood in a rectangle so that it will persevere raised a little higher over the even ground.” A quote from Walahfried Strabo, the abbot of the Reichenau Abbey, from the era of the Carolingians around the year 840.  The herb garden of the Lichtenberg Castle is designed according to the models of the Middle Ages: according to the abbey drawing of St. Gallen and the sketches of the Reichenau Abbey.  24 beds, raised and framed by wood.  Walahfried Strabo would have enjoyed them….

Trippstadt - Ironsmith Museum

In the 18 and 19 centuries, Trippstadt was molded by the iron industry. The museum is a reminder of that.

The culinary handcar tour

Pedaling and feasting: this combination is an extraordinary experience.

Historical Museum of the Palatinate - Speyer

The treasure chambers of the Palatinate – from the Romans to the Modern Age.

Wolves in the Palatinate

The best time to see the wolves is mornings at 11. The shy animals are especially active during feeding time.

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