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Palatinate Highland

The Palatinate Highland consists of the Donnersberg district and the Kusel district.  Numerous hills and valleys alternate;  the highest point is the Donnersberg at 687 meters;  this is the highest elevation of the Palatinate. The Palatinate Highland offers many tourist attractions, especially the Lichtenberg castle, the bicycle-handcar and the Donnersberg with its visitor mines.

The Salians. Power in Transition

Exhibition in the Historical Museum of the Palatinate from April 10th until October 30th, 2011. With globally-acclaimed originals.

Rhinemeanders near Speyer

The passenger ship “Pfälzerland” sails at least twice a day in the warm months.

Holiday Park

One of the leading amusement parks in Europe

Memorial Church of the Protestation

The Memorial Church is the main church of the Evangelical Church in the Palatinate in Speyer and the Protestant answer to the cathedral.

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