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District of Kaiserslautern

The District of Kaiserslautern surrounds the city of Kaiserslautern, and offers a high quality of life. Interesting jobs, many family-friendly facilities and almost unlimited nature. The north borders on the Palatinate highland, the south belongs to the Palatinate forest.



Hotel "Rosenhof" Ramstein

The Hotel “Rosenhof” lies easily accessible on the highway exchange Landstuhl in the center of the Palatinate.

Wasserburg Reipoltskirchen

Die am besten erhaltene Wasserburg der Pfalz.

Restaurant in the Hotel “Rosenhof”

Regional and Mediterranean cuisine, every week changing specialties, the selection is international.

Trippstadt - Ironsmith Museum

In the 18 and 19 centuries, Trippstadt was molded by the iron industry. The museum is a reminder of that.

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